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We have the solutions!

Delivering Innovative Solutions

Your Vision - Our Solutions!

At AMKO, we begin with LISTENING, so that we can fully understand your needs and how they benefit the communities you serve. We constantly strive to provide the kind of financial services that help take the pressure off our clients. AMKO Advisors will partner with you, utilizing our experience and innovative financial solutions, to craft a strategy to achieve your vision.


DEBT ISSUANCE/MANAGEMENT: AMKO offers a step-by-step process toward identifying your financing needs. As an independent municipal advisor, we work freely to exhaust all avenues with which to pay for those needs. We then specialize in structuring solutions that fulfill your needs through a bond issuance.

DEPOSIT/INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT: Through a strategic partnership, AMKO will help your community achieve the highest possible returns on your fund balances, while maintaining full, government-backed security and overall liquidity.

CONTINUING DISCLOSURE: We will work with you and your community to ensure your existing bonds' disclosure requirements are completed timely and accurately.

CREDIT CARD/PAYMENT PROCESSING: Through a strategic partnership with one of the top U.S. payment processors, AMKO can provide efficient and flexible credit card processing, ACH payment and/or student spending solutions.

LEASING: If you need a non-appropriation solution for the alternative financing of vehicles or other equipment for your community, AMKO has a leasing solution!

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: We often work with communities who are looking to either grow through new development or maintain through redevelopment of existing infrastructure. AMKO has the ability to assist a community and meet these needs by helping establish plans for housing, employment, daycare, schools and other essential groundwork.

FINANCIAL FORECAST MODELS: Are you generating enough revenue to meet your case needs? Forgetting to prepare forecast models and employing less-than-sound strategies for meeting cash requirements can easily backfire. AMKO has the knowledge and experience to help you wade through the uncertainty and establish plans for private/public partnerships (P3), revenue adequacy, housing, employment, daycare, schools and other growth opportunities. In addition, AMKO prides itself on helping communities establish fair and equitable assessments for projects. When it comes to reassessing, we help to make sure that it is equitable to all parties in an assessment district.

GRANTS: AMKO Advisors understands the importance of funding projects from multiple sources. We continually monitor local and national grants that may be available for our clients' projects. This can help our clients minimize the amount of funds to be financed. AMKO Advisors can help apply for these grants, and administer the grants once awarded.

POLICIES: AMKO will help develop, write and/or review customized financial management policies that will help you maintain the financial health of your community.

AMKO ADVISORS is not limited to the use of any particular tool. Should you have unique financial needs, we will craft a customized solution. And, we know you are extremely busy, so we make the process easy, allowing you to focus on the communities you serve!

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